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About The Game

You found a treasure map in an old warehouse.
The place where the treasure is hidden is your hometown.
There are women who welcome you back in my hometown after a long time.

Takane, Asami, Mio

Why don't you experience various stories with three beautiful women?


Asami's mother.
She was famous in the village for outstanding appearance.
Currently, her husband on a business trip abroad and has been living with Asami for two years.


Daughter of Takane.
She is a person who always entertains people with a cheerful personality.
Currently on absence university.


Childhood friend.
She is introverted and quiet, but warmer and nicer than anyone else.
Currently working at a hotel.

◆ Three Beautiful Heroines
◆ a variety of dates with heroin
◆ a wide range of mini-games
◆ a variety of sub-contents such as fishing, gathering, etc
◆ 7 different and wonderful places
◆ Live 2D animation delivery
◆ different kinds of skills

How to Download & Install Inari

1.To download, click the button on the right and you will be redirected to the download page.

2.Click 'Download' on the download page and wait for the download to complete.

3.When Inari has finished downloading, you can right-click on the .rar file and select 'Extract to current folder'.

4.Double click into the unzipped folder, find the .exe file and run it.

5.Enjoy your game experience! If you encounter any missing .dll errors, please look for a 'Redist' or '_CommonRedist' folder and install all the programs contained within.

  • Size 2GB
  • Version v1.3.2